Food & Product Photographer


Do you want to reach your customers?

My name is Aitor Muñoz, I’m a food and product photographer, and I’m here to help you. After more than ten years as an advertising and commercial photographer in stock agencies, I created Gastropic, an image agency specialized in the Horeca sector in the province of Malaga. Passion, quality and dedication are the constant with which I face each new project.
Gastropic works with you promoting a complete gastronomic experience, advancing the enjoyment and sensations produced by your food through a professional, careful and personalized culinary photography.
According to experts, when people see something for the first time, it takes us just three seconds to create a first impression and make the decision of whether we like it or not. The most immediate means of conveying an idea is the image. It offers complete information instantly, and creates an almost instinctive sensation that can make us desire what we are seeing.
For all these reasons, we are going to use advertising photography to add value to your business with images that transmit the feeling you want in your diners.


Check out my photo galleries with my most outstanding works. Immerse yourself in the world captured by my camera and enjoy the show


Gastropic CAPTURES the essence of your product, the colour, texture and presentation of your dishes, as well as the atmosphere of the venue, the customers, your team and the action in the kitchen.


Gastropic SHARES with you the photograph you need to make your customers want your food before they even try it.


Gastropic SAVORS with you the moment, the instant when a person views the photograph and establishes a link with your creations, an attraction that transmits the pleasant sensation of tasting a bite of their favorite food.


Ask me about any idea or project you have in mind, I'll help you make it happen!